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Perpetual Award Honoree Honor
Ann Tillson Memorial Award Retired The woman deemed to have made the most contributions to the Club activities for the year
Commodore's Trophy

Big Boats
John Eckart The most active big boat skipper in recognition of the spirit of competition and outstanding participation
Commodore's Trophy

Small Boats

John Houstle

The most active small boat skipper in recognition of the spirit of competition and outstanding participation
Outstanding Boat

Dave Rousseau

The person deemed to have demonstrated the most sailing improvement during the year
Dubious Distinction

"The Hat Rack Award"

Seth Newton

The person who is deemed to have done the most to save the other members of the Club from having their own nautical blunders recognized. Click here to see the inscription for this year's award.  Click here to read inscriptions from several years back!
Ed Isgur Special Merit

Gary Werden                         Roger Sharp                          John Eckart                           Dave Rousseau

The person(s) deemed to have done the most for the Club during the year
Flying Scot Fleet 76 Championship John Eckart Highest standing within the Flying Scot fleet

Sunfish Fleet 668 Championship       

John Houstle   

Highest Standing within the Sunfish Fleet

Elsie Moorhouse Memorial Diane Kampf The crew member who is deemed to have participated the most in all aspects of the Club’s activities
Ingall Memorial

John and Connie Eckart

The person(s) deemed to have exhibited the most all around participation in all Club activities
Appreciation Awards < Click link to see names

These members were recognized for special contributions to the Club this year.  Each was awarded a certificate of appreciation for their contributions to the self-help spirit of the Club.

 Sportsmanship Award  John Houstle This award is given by the Board of Directors to an individual who has demonstrated both perseverance and sportsmanship in battling back from a life-changing injury, even winning his first race after coming back post-surgery.  He is truly an inspiration to us all.  
Contact Information
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