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Dubious Distinction Award
2017 Dubious Distinction Award Inscription 
This award is given to the person(s) deemed to have done the most to save the other members of the Club from having their own blunders recognized.  This handsome piece of questionably useful furniture is given in grateful appreciation that the previous recipient won’t receive it two times in a row.

The club owes its admiration to this year’s earner for some strange activities at the fall regatta.  This particular skipper sailed in to a mooring then wondered where his dinghy was.  He looked over, and there it was, right at HIS mooring where it belonged.  While he swam to his mooring to get his dinghy, he left this crew straddling between his boat and the boat already attached to the mooring he sailed to.  Luckily she managed stay dry or he may have had a real situation on his hands!

For this very special set of achievements, the Hat Rack Award is presented with much pleasure for the year 2016 to:

Seth Newton

"The Hat Rack Award"

The person who is deemed to have done the most to save the other members of the club from having their own nautical blunders recognized.

Previous Winners 

   2017 Seth Newton  
   2016  Jeff Sprung  
   2015  Mike Ganshirt  
   2014 Don Bennett  
  2013 Mark Stoughton  
  2012 Bob Gaffney  
  2011 Rick & Niki Tattersfield  
  2010 Ed Wojtaszek  
Rich Hirsch
Scott Rosa
  2007 Ron Alman  
  2006 Harold & Myrna Levin  
  2005 Harvey Davidson  
  2004 Ron Alman  
  2003 Diane Kampf  
  2002 Mike Jones  
  2001 Tim Ryan  
  2000 Lenore Olsen  
  1999 Jay McNeff  
  1998 Peter Kovat  
  1997 Jim Cavanagh  
  1996 Morey Waltuck  
  1995 Bruce Fitzpatrick  
  1994 Ed Herman  
  1992 Marty Neuman  
  1991 Carole Isgur  
  1990 Dan Waltuck  
  1989 Ralph Rieu  
  1988 Dave Keller  
  1987 Joe & Joseph DeCarlo  
  1986 Ed Isgur  
  1985 Dick Kelly  
  1983 Judy Hartmann  
  1982 Bill Ackerman  
  1981 Al Landry  
  1980 David Landry  
  1979 Tom Scott  
  1978 Jim Simmons  
  1977 Betty McKinnon & Martha Rich  
  1976 C.Byers  
  1975 G. Gleason  
  1974 Lloyd McDonald  
  1973 Hal Lavien  
  1972 Max Sarazin  
  1971 Eleanor Linden  
  1970 Harold Lavien  
  1969 Ralph Hynes  
  1968 Red Healy  
  1967 Don Stoddard  
  1966 Gordon McKinnon  
  1965 John Hughes  
  1964 Larry Lawrence  
  1963 Phillip Sheridan  
  1962 Gordon MacInnes  
  1961 Al Kamp  
  1960 Doc Freedman  
  1959 Roy Larsen  
  1958 Warren Churchill  
  1957 Nudd & Holt  
  1956 George Cosman  
  1955 Bun Congdon  
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